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by Peter Moskos

February 25, 2008

Police kill white people, too

But you usually don't hear about it. I call this the Al Sharpton effect. There is no white version of Al Sharpton.

As the trial of the officers involved in the Sean Bell killing begins, I've been thinking more about police-involved shootings and race. Given media reports, it certainly seems like police only kill black people. But I know this isn't true.

I did a little research. According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports from 2000 to 2004, police-involved “justifiable homicides” kill about 350 people a year, 99 percent by shooting. Virtually all police-involved killings, most for good reason, are categorized as justifiable. Of those killed by police, 32 percent are black and 64 percent are white. While the percentage of blacks killed is high compared with the black percentage in America (13%), it is low compared with other indicators of violence, such as the percentage of homicide victims and offenders believed to be African American (both 48%).

Perhaps it is more useful to compare police-involved shootings with those killed by non-police officers. Among “justifiable homicides” by regular citizens—about 210 a year—African-Americans are 40 percent of those who kill and 56 percent of those killed. Compared with these numbers, police seem restrained in their use of force toward the black community.

Of course the numbers do not tell us the race of innocent people killed. And numbers are no solace to the family of any victim of police bullets.


Anonymous said...

I am sure that police kill whites but how many innocent whites have they killed and gotten away with that is the real question.

PCM said...

That is the real question. Some, certainly. But you rarely hear about it. Google Joseph Schultz and Christopher Braga. Horrible shooting. The agents weren't even indicted.

Anonymous said...

The King Alfred plan pt.1 .Look this shit up assholes.

PCM said...

Yeah, asshole, I did.


Your point?

blaqueheartedarken said...

sure thers no al sharpton but the media is biased thats why u only see blacks doing crimes when all americans do.the 3 major networks are the al sharptons of white america as they put a black face on crime and never show faces of white criminals. 72 percent of american drug users are white but most blacks in jail are there for drug possesion and theres more black in jail than whites on drug possesiom charges.
on whites walk on charges that blacks receive incarceration for.
its all in a human rights watch report. not to mention that 85% of white homicide victims are killed by whites yet you have all these racist ass ppl talkin about how niggers do crime and are violent when they virtually have nothing to fear from blacks in regards to violent crime. police are so busy tryin to throw us in jail they leave white america completely exposed. then you hear how " that type of thing normally doesnt happen in our neighborhood"
bull fuckin shit it is largely suppressed.

Tyrone Harvey said...

The family of the black Pace University football star fatally shot by white cops. Who claim he plowed into two officers believes he was "singled out" because he is black -- and is vowing not to rest until they learn the truth of what happened that fateful night. Danroy "DJ" Henry's family "feels he was singled out by the police because he's a young African-American," said Annemarie Masciarelli, the next-door neighbor and close friend of Henry's parents."We will not stop until the truth is out!" wrote parents, Danroy Sr. and Angela Henry, who hours before DJ's death had watched him play the last football game of his life in Pace University's homecoming game. Henry's killing early Sunday morning outside a Mount Pleasant bar in Westchester County occurred after the junior defensive player began driving off -- hitting several cops -- when an officer tapped on his car window as he sat parked in a fire lane with several buddies. What is being lost is::
1.Why would any person jump in front of a moving car?
2. Why would cops shoot at unarmed citizen in a car?
3. If Mr.Danroy accidentally hit two cops does that justify murder?
4. Did Mr. Danroy think the tapping on his window was for him to move his car?
5. Why did cops go against protocol which state officer can not shoot at a moving car?
6. Why is it that ones again it's a unarmed black man in a car HELLO SEAN BELL?
7. Why is the option of shooting the tires out when unarmed black people are involve off the table?
8. Why didn't cops write down the Licence plate?
NOTE: This is now the NORM in America! Unarmed black men are shot by mostly white cops! Are back to work before the body is out the hospital or in the ground! Shamefully Mr. Danroy will become just another murder by cops black man. The police will lie and say Mr.Danroy was drunk and will state the he had a record whether he does or not! To justify murdering a unarmed human being for nothing!!!! A judge or jury will find that the cops where justify. Even after many witness come forward and state that the cops LIED! Black life is seen as worthless and cops don't have to worry about losing their jobs for murdering a black child or adults!

Anonymous said...

PCM - respond to blaqueheartedarken!