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by Peter Moskos

February 10, 2008

"Unfortunate accident"?!

This was five years ago and more than an unfortunate accident, it was bad policing and a bad shooting:
"Here you got two of the sweetest kids on the Earth going to the mall and having Slurpees, getting shot through the car window. It's a mess. Yeah, I'm angry," Harkum said from his Pasadena home.
It goes down something like this: After a bank robbery, FBI agents make a car stop, perhaps their first ever car stop. One agent orders the passenger to unlock the door. The other agent demands to see his hands. Joseph Charles Schultz, the passenger, listens to the first FBI agent and gets shot in the face by the by the second. Oops. Also, it was the wrong car. Schultz and his girlfriend really were just minding their own business.

In July 2007 the government settled. The agents were absolved.

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