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by Peter Moskos

March 17, 2008

Wild gun fight. Police shoot bad guy. Officers shot.

This one, if the Sun is to be believed, sounds wild. Though if the Sun is to be believed, this happened in East Baltimore (you know, where bad things happen). Best I can tell it started in the Central and ended in the Northern.

Officer Anthony Jobst, 47, was in his patrol car in the first block of E. Lafayette Ave. about 2:30 a.m. when he heard gunshots and saw a white Audi speeding away. Jobst, who was joined by four other uniformed officers, drove after the Audi and followed it for about a mile to an alley in the 400 block of E. Lorraine Ave. in the Harwood neighborhood.

The Audi crashed in the alley, and the driver ran out and hid behind a brick wall. When officers approached him, the man opened fire, shooting Jobst in the foot and grazing the left leg of 27-year-old Officer Hadyn Gross, Bealefeld said.

Officers returned fire, striking the man several times in the upper torso, but the gunfight was "protracted" because he was wearing body armor enhanced with steel inserts.
Back at Lafayette Avenue, where shots were first fired, police found Rico Alston, 27, with two bullet wounds to the chest. Alston was taken to an area hospital.

He was in serious but stable condition yesterday, police said.

[March 19 update: 88 rounds were fired. The bad guy died Monday night. The Sun reports, "At one point, the man signaled to police that he was surrendering - but police said he used the lull in gunfire to reload the Smith & Wesson."]

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