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by Peter Moskos

April 20, 2008

Amsterdam police station

Here's one of the least intimidating police stations you may ever see. In Osdorp, Amsterdam.


Anonymous said...

Hello Peter. Hope you are enjoying big, bad Amsterdam. For "secular progressives" like me (O'Reily's term, not mine) many aspects of life in the Netherlands, most notably drug/crime policy are very instructive, if not a breath of fresh air. Do they make "hard drugs" available by prescription? What's the latest on the psylocibin scare? Well, take care and watch out for those Dutch "Hooligans" (if you have not heard the Bill Hicks bit about English Hooligans vs. American bangers, I highly recommend it).

PCM said...

Dave, I don't know.
I don't *think* you can get hard drugs by prescription.
And I don't even know what the psylocibin scare is.
I do know what hooligans are. I try to avoid them (which is pretty easy to do).

Anonymous said...

I heard/read recently that a couple of Dutch teenagers freaked out while on shrooms and dove off buildings. At this point, I believe people in the Netherlands can purchase mushrooms and possibly other psychedelics in "coffee shops," but this may change soon due to panic over the deaths. Prohibition, of course, would be much less helpful than education and common-sense.

PCM said...

I think they were drug-tourist teenagers. Dutch teenagers would never do such stupid things.

Mushrooms can still be legally purchased in specialized shops (but not "coffee shops").

I think the days of these stores are numbered, at least that's word on the street. But they're still open for now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clarification. You are probably correct that the vics were tourists. If you travel for the sole purpose of getting high, you probably aren't a very responsible individual. When a society stresses education/prevention over hysteria and fear mongering (and treats citizens like they have something between their ears), you can expect citizens to behave a bit more responsibly. Actually, I have a gut feeling that if I was Dutch, I would not feel so conflicted about possibly joining the ranks of the men and women in blue.