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by Peter Moskos

July 19, 2009

The future with legal marijuana

There can be a future with legal and regulated drugs.
A drug deal plays out, California-style:

A conservatively dressed courier drives a company-leased Smart Car to an apartment on a weekday afternoon. Erick Alvaro hands over a white paper bag to his 58-year-old customer, who inspects the bag to ensure that everything he ordered over the phone is there.

An eighth-ounce of organic marijuana buds for treating his seasonal allergies? Check. An eighth of a different strain for insomnia? Check. THC-infused lozenges and tea bags? Check and check, with a free herb-laced cookie thrown in as a thank-you gift.

It's a $102 credit-card transaction carried out with the practiced efficiency of a home-delivered pizza

The story by Marcus Wohlsen and Lisa Leff in the Seattle Times.

[Thanks to Sgt. "they served him to me with his pants around his ankles" T.]

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Dave C. said...

The SF Chronicle has a few stories on legalization/regulation today, as we prepare to vote on a marijuana business tax here in Oakland this week: