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by Peter Moskos

July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Especially thinking of everybody stuck working it. Here's to you!


dave h. said...

Thanks for thinking of us, Peter. I'll raise a glass to you...after work. Another day at the office for me. Rainy here in central Illinois, so maybe that will keep things a bit more subdued than than usual. Fireworks are still on in my community though, so that always means heavy traffic, fun with drunks and occasional fireworks-related burns and amputations.

Just as the founding fathers intended, of course! Enjoy.

PCM said...

All in the pursuit of happiness, right?

You know, I worked most holiday from, say, my first job in 1986 to my last day as a cop in 2001.

I never really minded working holiday. Maybe time and a half. Plus I don't have kids.

Hell, to me, any day off is a holiday.

It's kind of been weird since then, not having to work holidays.

But my thoughts are with you.