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by Peter Moskos

August 14, 2009

Good Guys 4 -- Bad Guys 0

New York City store owner and would be robbery victim shoots all 4 bad guys, killing two.

The Daily News has the best coverage:
The furious employee who had been pistol-whipped ran out of the store and leaned over the mortally wounded Footmon, cursing at him, witnesses said.

The worker went back into the store and dragged Morgan's body onto the sidewalk, yelling at him and kicking him, witnesses said.

"He stood over the body cursing him and shaking him, even though he was dead," said Matthew Viane, 38, who lives in the neighborhood. "He was screaming at him and stomping him. "He [the employee] said, 'You were going to kill me? Now you're dead!'"


Marc S. said...

3 shots on 4 separate, moving, armed targets yields 4 hits and 2 kills for a 72yo shopkeeper with a 30yo pistol-grip shotgun he hadn't touched in 20 years.

I'd say that's pretty impressive.

Dave H. said...

Here's a man who understands that the police (and government in general) are, at best, the second line of defense. YOU are the first line of defense. Sounds like he did what he had to do and saved lives. Give that man a medal!

Marc S. said...

Seems the shotgun wasn't properly licenced. The cops were nice enough not to press charges as of yesterday, but they did confiscate the shotgun to make sure Mr Augusto is disarmed and helpless in case there are any reprisals.

Marc S. said...

And another thing...

Since we all know that guns cause cognitive dissonance, someone please explain to me how this incident involving an unlicenced firearm is legally different than the one involving Plaxico Burress.

PCM said...

Because the legal system has discretion. Actions matter. Shoot guys beating and robbing you, you get cut slack. Display a complete lack of firearm safety, you get banged.

Marc S. said...

2 incidents which are objectively the same--unlicenced firearm discharged, no innocents injured. yet one person gets hit with multiple felonies because he wasn't as adept in his gun handling?

At what point does discretion become arbitrary treatment? When does this violate equal protection?

Clearly, i'm just being a pain in the ass because NYC's gun laws are rubbish and, from the beginning have been designed to be arbitrarily enforced against minorities.

PCM said...

I'm not going to defend the justice system. But I am happy to live under NYC's gun laws (though in my kingdom I would let store owners legally posses shotguns).

NYC has a low homicide rate (by US standards). We can debate whether that's in spite of because of gun laws, but I'm inclined to believe the latter (either way, I'd say don't fix what isn't broken).

But the if we want to talk about unequal enforcement under the law, the place to look is the war on drugs.

Marc S. said...

"But the if we want to talk about unequal enforcement under the law, the place to look is the war on drugs."

That's for sure.