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by Peter Moskos

September 23, 2009

70 cars down

There are only about 130 cars on patrol at any given time.
City officials say an unusually high concentration of ethanol in the city's gasoline supply contributed to the breakdown of more than 70 police cars over the weekend, most of which had been repaired and returned to service Tuesday.

More than 200 police cars fueled up at a 24-hour, city-run gas pump by the Fallsway before cars started showing problems, and nearly one-third of the Police Department's patrol contingent was sidelined with engine trouble.
Justin Fenton has the story in the Sun.

Update: Peter Hermann says that the B.P.D. has about 1,200 vehicles in their fleet? Is this true? If so, where the hell are they hiding all these cars? And why do patrol officers so often have to beg and steal and duct-tape a working police car together? There are only about 135 posts in the city, for Christ's sake.


CPM said...

Go foot patrol!!!

qintuq said...

Could some of those be boats?