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by Peter Moskos

September 25, 2009

Baltimore police officer shot in robbery

And the apparent robbery walks into a hospital with a gunshot wound.

The off-duty officer, a 16-year veteran, was shot in the abdomen last night outside his home and is in serious condition after surgery.

Was moved Tuesday morning from Sinai Hospital to Maryland Shock Trauma Center and has been downgraded from serious to critical condition, police said.

Detective Aaron Harris, 39, has had at least five surgeries as he slowly recovers from a bullet wound to the stomach, police said.

Two teenagers accused of shooting Harris were denied bail Monday. Kevon Wilson and Craig Tillett, both 16 and charged as adults, will remain in custody. Police said they attempted to rob Harris as he entered his home.
Harris was shot three times in the abdomen and lower left leg, and he returned fire at his attackers, according to police.


qintuq said...

When I clicked the link I got an article about how the US Post Office is bad....

PCM said...

Strange. Thanks. I removed the link.