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by Peter Moskos

September 18, 2009

Murder down in NYC

Colleen Long has the story in the Washington Post.

Homicides are down. They're on pace for 457 this year, which would be lower than the many-decade low of 497 in 2007. Very impressive. Thank you, NYPD!

This is all the more impressive since, as Patrick McGeehan reports in the New York Times, unemployment hit 10.3% in New York City, a 16-year high. Sixteen years ago, in 1993, there were 1,960 murders in the city. Take that, "root causes."


Anonymous said...

If you accept that homicides are down 77% since 1993, why not accept that other crimes are down 40% since 2001?

PCM said...

Because I misread the story or didn't read it closely enough.

I thought it said crime was down 40% in the past year or two, which would be B.S.

I think it is safe to assume that crime has dropped in sync with homicides. So I'd buy that crime has dropped 77% since 1993. So since 2001 30% would be a good figure. And 40% is too close to 30% for me to say anything.

My fault. Thanks for questioning my logic. I've changed/corrected my post accordingly.