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by Peter Moskos

September 3, 2009

Drug Violence? Gang Violence? Idiot Violence?

This isn't new. But it happened in the Eastern and only know did I discover (thanks to a colleague of mine) the Time article.


Unknown said...

You know, this has me thinking about a possible short-term side effect of ending drug prohibition. It seems that street violence might actually increase for some period of time as power structures crumble when their drug selling businesses dry up. I'm imagining the gangs in "Gang Leader for a Day" and what would happen if they could no longer make money selling. Power abhors a vacuum. Any thoughts or current research on this?

PCM said...

I don't think anything would happen overnight. I think gangs would get weaker and lose influence, both financially and culturally.

Unknown said...

I'm not saying we should keep drug prohibition. I'm definitely in favor of ending prohibition and regulating everything.

Still, the drug economy, especially as it is tied to poverty and life in the ghetto is part of a much bigger problem. Removing the drug economy is only one part of the solution.