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by Peter Moskos

September 4, 2009


Baltimore experiments with new smart phones.


Anonymous said...


Did you see this article on Chicagomag.com called A Mugging on Lake Street. It's about this somewhat naive journalist who is randomly attacked by a teenager while riding his bike. The cops catch the kid, he is put in a diversionary program, and the journalist sets up a meeting with his assailant. Ta-nehisi Coates has a post about it on his blog.

I read the article yesterday and can't stop thinking about it?

I was wondering what your thoughts were, if by chance you had read the article?

p.s. Aren't you from Chicago? what is it like there? What are race relations like there?

Many thanks,

From Canada

PCM said...

I hadn't. Thanks. It's a good article and I'll post on it.

How are race relations in Chicago? That is something I can't answer. How are race relations in Canada? It all depends.

But I like Chicago. My father grew up a few blocks from where that guy was jumped.