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by Peter Moskos

October 22, 2009

Five shot in Baltimore

Five shot during four-hour span.

And the mayor wants to cut police pay.


Anonymous said...

So long as there are more qualified applicants than openings, pay is too high and money is wasted. Maybe this latest spate of shootings will scare away all the applicants. If it doesn't then it has nothing to do with where police pay should be set.

This is an example of what is commonly called called a "market" which is a construct under this "economic" system we have in America that folks call "capitalism."

IrishPirate said...

Thanks "anonymous" for the Milton Friedman like screed.

As for cutting the pay of the po po in Baltimore perhaps Mayor Dixon can make up for it by giving the cops some gift cards.

I kid the Mayor. An indictment is not a conviction and I'm sure her lawyer is proclaiming her total lack of guilt.

I don't know for sure as I live far far away from Baltimore in the perfect and non corrupt land of Chicago

PCM said...

Oh, the market.
I know my rule about the market: you get what you pay for.

IrishPirate, good biking city, that Chicago is. I grew up there, you know. Well, Evanston. But I grew up in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Probably the best first step would to make Baltimore an open shop city as far as police go. Allow them to make new hires who promise not to join the union.

PCM said...

Why not just fire all the cops and hire mall security guards at $8/hour to police the streets? Just think of all the money the city would save.

Anonymous said...

Yup. In that case there would probably be enough officers patrolling on foot to prevent some of these shootings.

Unions are bad.

Plenty of people are out of work and willing to work for a low wage.

Time for Baltimore to capitalize on this phenomenom.

IrishPirate said...

I'm not even going to address "anonymous".

You can't engage true believers of any sort in a discussion.


I am well aware you are from Evanston.

Your dad was my favorite military sociologist. Hell, it seemed he was the only prominent one out there for decades. I served as both an enlisted soldier and officer and I always enjoyed your dad's work.

As for biking Chicago is a great city.

I gave up my car years ago and seldom miss it.

Walking and biking keep me sane or at least in the neighborhood of sane.


That site has a great list of bike links.

I'm currently lusting after cargo bikes. I don't really need one often, but I could annoy my younger suburban relatives who seem to not understand that it's actually possible to bike or walk places.

Added benefit of using less gasoline and not funding the other end of the "terror war".