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by Peter Moskos

April 7, 2010

Give Baltimore Police Commissioner Frederick Bealefeld some credit!

Baltimore homicides at 33-year low!

And Frederick Bealefeld deserves credit.

He's the best commish at least since I've known Baltimore (which goes back now about 11 years and six commissioners). And unlike certain past commissioners (yes, Eddie, I'm talking about you), Bealefeld isn't a felon.

[note: Convicted felon Ed Norris was a chicken-shit coward bastard to me on his radio show. I liked him then. I don't like him now.]


IrishPirate said...


please tell us how you really feel.

On a more serious note congrats to the BPD and their commissioners for the reduction in homicide.

Perhaps after I mount my insurgent campaign for Mayor of Chicago I'll hire one or both of them to run the CPD.

IrishPirate said...

For some reason I read your post as having multiple commissioners. I blame my multiple personalities.

Anyway here is an interesting piece of writing on "body collection" by an active Chicago cop.