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by Peter Moskos

October 30, 2010

2nd Amendment for Immigrants

It's not too often supporters of the 2nd Amendment and supporters of immigrant rights can find common political ground. But here's a case. Whatever happened to discretion?
Immigration officials are always on the lookout to deport “criminal aliens,” and it appears that last week, Mr. Valerio’s name came up.
He had been a legal permanent resident of the United States for nearly 30 years.
Mr. Valerio’s offense dated back more than 20 years to a conviction for possessing a gun without the proper license. He had bought the gun to protect the bodega he owned from burglars, his daughter said. He served three years’ probation in the mid-1980s and had never again been in trouble with the law.


Anonymous said...

"He had bought the gun to protect the bodega he owned from burglars, his daughter said."

I would be interested to know if the arrest occurred at the bodega. I mean, I'm in favor of concealed carry anyway, but if he got arrested for having a firearm inside his own business, that is ridiculous.

As the saying goes, "when seconds count, the police are minutes away." People should have the right to protect themselves, and the the right to make the choice to possess a firearm.

Dave H.- IL

Anonymous said...

In my local jurisdiction here in Washington State there's a box you check on your concealed carry application if you're an immigrant. If you indicate immigrant status you're given an additional form to fill out, then proceed with the processing.

Sgt. T.