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by Peter Moskos

October 26, 2010

Good Shooting in Brookyn

From the Daily News:
The fearless off-duty cop who faced down an armed robber in a Brooklyn beauty parlor on Saturday managed to shoot the pistol right out of the crook's hands, cops said Monday.

And in a scene that would be over the top even for the most ridiculous Hollywood cop movie, one of Officer Feris Jones' bullets hit the front door - and locked it.
He escaped by kicking out the glass on the lower portion of the door and crawled out to the street on his hands and knees, leaving a trail of blood.

When Cox was arrested in a single-room-occupancy hotel on Pacific St. in Bedford-Stuyvesant early Monday, he answered the door meekly, his bloody hands wrapped in Bounty paper towels borrowed from his mother.
The suspected gunman's mom told the Daily News she was shocked her parolee son was mixed up in it.

"I can't come to grips with it," said Cheryl Cox, whose 19-year-old son, Winston Cox, the youngest of her eight kids.
I was hoping for a better quote from him mom, though. But maybe she made those little air quotes with her fingers when she said the word, shocked. That would make it good.

[Update: Actually, in the mom's defense,she has filed eight charges of assault against her son and had good things to say about the police officer, "I'm just thankful to God the police officer is OK -- she did a good job." It's in the Post.]


Jim G. said...

You think she was aiming for his hand and the lock?

PCM said...

Of course... and then she took aim at her lighter and fired off another round. After having lit her cigarette in that manner, she took a long, cool draw. A bad-ass, she is!

PCM said...

Actually what does worry a bit is that this will make people think you can actually aim and shoot a gun out of someone's hand.

I suppose it might happen... but only if you're a good shot and the suspect is holding the gun at center mass.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the sro staff was a bit suspicious when this guy, who was presumably covered in blood, first checked in?

PCM said...

"Payment in cash. Checkout time is noon."