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by Peter Moskos

October 29, 2010

Rapist Acquitted

Timothy "So I can't call you no more?" West was acquitted despite, best I can tell, admitting to it. According the Daily News:
Privately, several jurors interviewed after the verdict said they didn't buy the victim's story because there were no signs of forced entry into her home.

One juror said the panel believed the victim must have known West, and that she let him into her home.

West has a history of break-ins and was on parole for robbery when arrested, but the jury did not hear that evidence: Buchter ruled it could prejudice the jury against him.


Anonymous said...

Just awful. Vigilantism is still illegal in NYC right?

PCM said...

If he was being charged with burglary, I could see how his history of burglaries shouldn't be brought up (you're only on trial for the current crime, not for your past life). But seeing how West was charged with rape, it seems that his history of breaking into homes was incredibly relevant, especially because that's what the jury got hung up on!