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by Peter Moskos

November 4, 2010

War on Drug Continues

It didn't surprise me that Prop 19 lost. I'm still amazed that it did so well and was taken so seriously. A lot of progress has been made over the past 10 years. I suppose only history will tell if we'll look back on this as the high point (there was really no pun intended when I first wrote that) or whether it's just a step down the path toward a better drug policy.

Meanwhile, another secret tunnel was found from Mexico. It included 25 tons of the maryjane. English Aljazeera reports. And that's on top of the 134 tons the other week.

I say this in my best whiny Mike Bloomberg voice: "People, it's the tunnels that make us less safe, not the drugs." I don't want people building tunnels under the border. But they will as long as we keep building walls on top of them and fighting "wars" against things and people from Mexico.

Here's a good story in the Christian Science Monitor on the tunnel and one on the Latin American leaders and the failure of Prop 19. Here's a good quote: "The two presidents who have come out strongly against legalization [in Mexico and Columbia] are presidents who have received a combined total of nearly $9 billion from the United States government."


IrishPirate said...

What amuses me is that while Prop 19 lost, San Francisco now bans the sale of "happy meals" that have toys for kids.

Two sides of the nanny state at play.

I assume SF voted for Prop 19 whilst simultaneously outlawing the scourge of toys with meals.

God Save us from the left and the right.

PCM said...

Liberals can be just as paternalistic as conservatives. "Progressives," historically, more so.

I don't like. Not at all. (But I did not complain, because I do not like Happy Meals...)

Is there such I think as a tax-and-spend liberal libertarian? I think that's what I am.