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by Peter Moskos

December 8, 2010

College Drug Dealers Arrested

It's a headline you don't see much. These guys were Columbia University students.

Notice, if you will, the only real crime--the crime with a potential victim--is entirely the result of prohibition. So much of drug violence revolves around getting people to pay debts. That's what happens when the business is illegal.

And just one more plug for Dorm Room Dealers by A. Rafik Mohamed and Erik D. Fritsvold. In an academic (but readable) fashion, they explain how this all works.


Cleanville Tziabatz said...

On a droogz note, my wife is reading Cop In the Hood now and was quite amused by the Mike Skinner reffie in the index.

bail bonds las vegas said...

Yup Ivy Leaguers can be just as screwed up as the party school college kids. I wonder what the proportional difference of students that go to jail between say Harvard and ASU?

PCM said...

I had to google Mike Skinner. I didn't know (or forgot) his real name.

Regarding the ratio, I would guess 1:20. But the real question is the ratio between ASU and the ghetto, which is probably 1:1000.