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by Peter Moskos

January 2, 2011

Then and Now: Fall River

This one is almost too much to believe. And not for the normal reasons of becoming abandoned. Fall River, Mass, is still doing OK, I think. But not what used to be the heart of downtown.

And now.

It doesn't look like the same place. But it is.

Where's that beautiful building on the right I take to be City Hall? Those things usually last. Not in Fall River. Look at what I assume is the new City Hall.

Grim. Brutalist and grim. Vintage 1975, I'm guessing.

Why were those beautiful buildings torn down, including the whole block on the left? To build a road, naturally. A freeway now runs under there.

Such is progress. And you can't stop progress. But of course you could stop dumb destruction.

As always, the old picture is from Shorpy.


Cleanville Tziabatz said...
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CPM said...

I'll see i I can find some of my town and send it in...