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by Peter Moskos

February 7, 2011

1919 Map of Ethnics and Other Seditious Activities in New York City

You know how "kids these days" think everything in the world is online and can be found with Google? Well, find this: John B. Trevor's 1919 Ethnic Map of New York City.

I've wanted this map ever since I saw it.

Trevor, non-elected but politically powerful, was worried that immigrants (Jews in particular) were going to take over America. As a Nativist S.O.B., Trevor didn't generally trust people who weren't anglo-saxon, white, and Protestant.

Of course, to some extent, Trevor's worst fears have come true: compared to 1919 America, immigrants have taken over America (and, of course, vice versa)! Trevor was wrong because he thought such seditious people would surely take over through armed socialist revolution.

So ever the self-professed patriot, Trevor made a map of ethnic New York City, listing radical social clubs and liberal newspapers, to aid the police and national guard in the suppression of the revolt that never came.

Viva La Revolution!

Upper Manhattan / Harlem:

Lower Manhattan / Lower East Side:

Locations of "Radical Meetings" and "Liberal Newspapers":

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Anonymous said...

Gosh what a beauty! - R

PCM said...

Isn't it?!

esterhazi said...

I WANT A COPY. Will pay big (well, medium-sized) bucks! Very very cool. Hope you and Z are doing well.

allen said...

i think a hundred bucks is reasonable for that

Anonymous said...

OMG< i love this map and have been looking all over for it...I first saw it at that egyptian resturant in astoria, mombar, years ago . . .

Moskos said...

The map is now for sale at Quimby's NYC! He will ship. https://www.facebook.com/quimbysnyc/