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by Peter Moskos

February 4, 2011

Anybody have San Diego PD Connections?

I want to look at the impact of cell phones of crime prevention. I can't seem to make any progress getting such data from the NYPD. The San Diego paper has this story. Maybe I'd have better luck there. Besides San Diego has always been an interesting case vis-a-vis crime reduction because they mirrored the crime drop in New York in the 1990s but the police then all-but refused to take credit for it.

Anyway, before I start cold calling, I thought I'd ask to see if anybody has police connections in San Diego. If you do feel free to send me an email. Basically I'd want to look a bunch of 911 and 311 call data going back years, with a focus on "crime in progress." And calls from cell phones, if it's broken down that way.

Of course if any other city wants me to look at this for them, I'd be happy to.

(I ask not what I can do for the blogosphere, but what the this damn blog can do for me!).

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