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by Peter Moskos

February 21, 2011

40 killed over weekend in Ciudad Jaurez

In response, lawmakers in Mexico have called for the banning of... a video game.

Meanwhile, the NRA kills a law aimed at limiting gun running to Mexico.

If the rising death toll was a sign in 2009 that drug gangs were weakening, what does the rising death toll say about how weak the drug gangs must be in 2011? 40 deaths in one weekend in one city?! Victory must be very very near.

For the victory party, I've already got my cervesa, my "misión cumplida" banner, and my Chapo Guzmán piñata all ready to go. You just bring the guacamole and tell me when to cue the mariachi band. Because man, we're going to have ourselves one craaazy fiesta loca!

Ay yi yi.

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