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by Peter Moskos

February 4, 2011

Cops shoot bad guy--hostage safe

A bit sloppy, but the good guys won. You could also file this one under, "just another day at the office."

Bank Robber Takes Hostage, Slips and Falls on Ice, then Shot and Killed by Police: MyFoxDC.com


Anonymous said...

Ironically placed next to the article about jury nullification. Seemed like a couple of cops got hurt in that exchange.

Yet, if I had a bug up my ass about our country's monetary system I might vote to aquit that guy if he survived? Yes, nullification makes alot of sense.

PCM said...

That's not a good comparison. If you had a bug up your behind about the monetary system, it might make sense to acquit somebody brought up on, say, tax evasion issues.

Taking a hostage at gunpoint, as related to the monetary system, doesn't have much in common with possessing cocaine, found incident to arrest.

Anonymous said...

This guy was robbing a bank, relating it to the monetary system? Maybe the comparison is a stretch...at least the lady didn't get hurt.


PCM said...

I understand your point. But yeah, it's a stretch.

Unrelated... You think the cop should have tried to cap the robber when he was almost at point blank, a few seconds before he tripped?