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by Peter Moskos

February 27, 2011

Guess the speaker...

Here's the quote. Who said it?
Will America be led by a president elected by a majority of the American people? Or will we be intimidated and blackmailed into following the path dictated by a disruptive radical and militant minority?
In my view, this Fall, any candidate in any party who voices radical sentiment or who courts or enjoys the support of radical elements ought to be voted out of office by the American people. It’s just too dangerous.


Dana King said...

I don't know, but I suspect it was quite a while ago.

PCM said...

Indeed... but doesn't it sound like it could be said by an Obama supporter before the last election?

This same guy also said:

"Education is being redefined at the demand of the uneducated to suit the ideas of the uneducated... the lessons of the past are ignored and obliterated."

And he laughed at those who might, "Tune in a presidential speech at the end, just so you can get your opinion form the instant analysis."

He was proud of a president who, he said, allocated "more money than any other government has spent on aiding the impoverished in the history of man,... [who] first proposed that the poor be exempt from all federal income taxes,... [who] enlarged the nation's food stamp benefit,... and [who], proposed that a floor of dignity be placed under the income of every American family."

Bleeding heart liberal? Hardly. Nobody ever accused him of having "socialist ideas."

And yet given his words, he wouldn't stand a chance winning a Republican nomination today.

That's the scary part.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Google and Wikipedia. I learned that this gentleman is Greek American and possibly related to Mr. Moskos. We need a Republican who say the truth nowadays but can the American public handles it? Maybe I should say can the Republicans, Tea Partiers, or Sarah Palin handle it? Probably not.

Anonymous said...

Is this Eisenhower?
Don't tell me this is Nixon or Agnew (no offense to Greeks).

PCM said...

No relation to me, but he is a Greek boy from Baltimore: Mr. Spiro T Agnew! And the bleeding heart big-spending president he admired? Richard Nixon.

[I have no relations in Baltimore, even though Greeks would often ask me if I was related to some Baltimore Moskos family that used to run a bar. Amazingly, Moskos isn't that rare of a name from the part of Greece I'm from. But there aren't many of us here in America--but keep you eye on the pitching prospect with the Pirates (no relation)!]