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by Peter Moskos

February 17, 2011

Immigration and Big Brother Government

Maybe you want the government to crack down on immigrants. And maybe you don't like Big Government all messing in your personal business. Well you probably can't have it both ways.

Because in the name of cracking down on criminal immigrants, well, the Feds are getting a bit more involved in local law enforcement: "By September, they were weighing ways to penalize states or police departments that did not participate, like cutting off their access to all criminal fingerprint databases."

What the government does today to pressure states and cites and local police departments (and employers) in the name of immigration enforcement (or drugs, or terrorism), they'll do tomorrow for whatever they want. It always works that way.

Personally, I think this is oh-for-two: bad policy and a bad way to enforce it. But who ever listens to me?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


I agree 100%. I think in a weird way this is a lazy policy at it's best! Throwing strained resources and snooping on citizens ultimately because it's easier than the federal government overhauling and honestly assessing our "immigration problem". I wish the feds were as interested in corporate "citizens" sneaking jobs outside of the US and paying taxes abroad. Can we get the Minutemen up on that?