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by Peter Moskos

February 16, 2011

Got Raw Milk? Get raided.

It's like a new drug!

"He wondered aloud why the state won’t let him pursue his preferred way of life."

That's an Amish guy s talking about his illegal product... raw milk.

When police, guns drawn, raid raw milk producers, it's enough to make me a Libertarian.

Here's the story by Jordan Heller.
Nolt’s resistance, which has been well-documented, has earned him a rather grand moniker: “the Rosa Parks of the farmers’ rights movement.”

Though shy about the comparison, Nolt doesn't disclaim the nickname. “What were we to do? Agree to their falsehood? Or just stand upon the truth? And we chose truth.”
There's video at the above link, too.


SabotageGigante said...

I agree that the reaction (the raid) is completely overblown. But...Part of what you argue for drugs is the same as does happen with milk. Regulation and specific rules about processing and consistency make it safer to buy. While I think regulation would make drug use much safer, it represents a libertarian compromise. An increase in freedom, rather than total freedom.

I think there might be some other strange parallels between the raw milk people and the medical marijuana people. Both make exaggerated clams about the health benefits of their chosen product. And both are pushing something that represents a small danger in exchange for a small pleasure (pot is fun, and raw milk really does taste much better).

PCM said...

I like the analogy you make.

Overall, I'm a big fan of the government mandating truth in labeling (and also non-adulteration) and after that it should be "let the buyer beware."

Jeff N said...

Sure, you can say raw milk is harmless.

I started out drinking raw milk, but that damn farmer had bigger plans. He snuck up on me with the unwashed vegetables, sure maybe a bit or two of grit in the lettuce, no big deal right?

Next think you know I was eating 2lbs of unrefrigerated meat every day. It got ugly.

Think about the children!