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by Peter Moskos

February 23, 2011

The old gun-check ruse...

A "dozen or more" B.P.D. arrested?! Peter Hermann of the Sun reports:
a federal corruption probe that involves an improper relationship with a Baltimore towing company, sources said.
The officers were arrested today at the police academy after being called in under the guise that their firearms needed to be checked.
Multiple sources say the officers are mostly from the Northeast District and many of them are officers who were recruited years ago in a push to bring in Latino officers from Puerto Rico. That information could not immediately be confirmed.


Gotti Rules said...

Hey Pete,
I don't know about you, but I am always shocked when I hear about officers doing stuff like this. Just like in our squad, we never saw anyone doing anything remotely criminal. Then, I worked an additional 6 + years after you left, and still never saw anything even close. So, I am always blown away when I hear stuff like this.

PCM said...

Thanks for saying this, Gotti. Because I too am shocked. But I'm afraid if I say I'm shocked, people will just think I'm a fool (which they may think regardless).

I will say I saw some bad policing, some lazy policing, and a whole lot of rude policing (sometimes just by looking in the mirror--though generally I wasn't rude. And maybe you and I worked a secondary that wasn't departmentaly approved--I'm not saying we did, but it's possible). I also saw a lot of good policing. And cops shot for doing their job. But I can honestly say I never saw criminal policing!

And it's not like we working some cushy unit in HQ. We were friggin' midnight sector 2 in the Eastern. There was nowhere lower to go (exept maybe sector one)! If there wasn't corruption there, where would it be?

And for tow-truck kick-back money? It's so petty. And so retro!

PCM said...

This is what I mean by retro.