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by Peter Moskos

February 24, 2011


I'm off to Philadelphia for a conference. Just for the record I got nothing against the city. But one of my students just cracked me up by saying, "Philadelphia? What a dump. Imagine if New York and D.C. had a baby. ...And beat it."



El Guapo said...

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by what we have to offer here, and I'm not talking about cheesesteaks.

Gotti Rules said...


Philly is only about hour an a half drive away from baltimore. Why don't you come a down and get a crab cake you have been talking about??

Anonymous said...

Center City is beautiful. Just stay away from North Phili.

Anonymous said...

What do academics really do at these conferences? Are they really worth it?

PCM said...


[And see next post for some thoughts I Philly... I had a good time.]

I'm not a big conference goer. I tend to stay away from the larger conferences (ASA, for instance). I feel lost in those. This conference (Eastern Sociology Society) I've always liked. It's smaller, never more than a train-ride away, and has a "mini-conference on ethnography." It is a good place to see people you like, personally and professionally, but rarely see any where else.

What I hate is a bunch of grad students reading about their latest statistical regression.

In truth, honestly, I rarely find other people's sessions interesting. Mostly it's four people talking about four different things without any connection. That's a shame.

But conferences can also be a good way to give yourself a deadline on some paper idea. This time I was presenting on a paper that will be published that came out of meeting people at last year's conference, when the "paper" was just an idea with a few powerpoint slides. So in that sense, it can be true professional development.