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by Peter Moskos

February 12, 2011

Photos With (Operation) Impact

Under "portfolio," check out NYPD Operation Impact (1 & 2), from former police officer and photographer Antonio Bolfo.

In an interview he says:
I really liked the story of Operation IMPACT in general: how new, inexperienced cops get sent to the most dangerous places, places where a cop really should know what he is doing.
. . .
I was very worried that people [in France, seeing my photography] would view the story as propaganda because of my background in law enforcement. But fortunately that was not the case. People showed a lot of empathy to the officers, which was quite surprising to me because I am used to people hating the police, since New York is a very anti-cop city. Operation IMPACT is not a political statement but a human story of individuals who choose to be police officers in a very dangerous place. And I am pleased that message came across.

The Haiti pics are pretty intense, too.

(Thanks to a former student of mine)