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by Peter Moskos

February 3, 2011

Suspect's phone found charging at scene of burglary

Not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

[thanks to Alex]


Gotti Rules said...

Hey Pete,
The only thing dumber than this guy leaving his cell phone is the amount of this guy's bail. He has been given a million dollar bail for a property crime. There are people in Baltimore City that get a lot less than a million dollar bail for violent aggravated assaults. I love how our criminal justice system is so fair.

PCM said...

Actually, Gotti, there's another thing dumber you seem to be forgetting about...

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Last year a guy broke into my sisters apartment and tried to rape her. She beat him up and sent him running. He dropped his cell phone after getting punched in the face repeatedly then kicked in the groin.

Police said the cell phone linked to his account was not enough evidence to charge him as it could have been stolen.

Since she couldn't identify him from a three year old mugshot where he had a full beard and the police smudged all the prints on the door knob, that was that. She still gets to see the guy occasionally around town.

PCM said...

The police were right about the evidence. But also seem incredibly lazy not to pursue the matter further, if indeed they didn't. Certainly you would assume the cell phone belongs to the guy and then bring him in, check his priors, and grill the hell out of him until he tells you something.