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by Peter Moskos

March 23, 2011

Harford Road police shooting

Detective Rice, the officer shot last week on Harford Road, evidently has had some medical setbacks. I wish him the best.

What is it about the 2300 block of Harford?

Here's a picture from March, 2001, I took on the 2300 block of Harford. It's the street memorial to Agent Cowdery.


Gotti Rules said...

You know damn well what is wrong with the 2300 block Harford. It is in the arm pit of society-high crime rate, high poverty level and an area where education is not valued. I highly doubt we will ever see this area change much. It is sad.

PCM said...

But it's not like that block is any worse than any other block around there, is it?

I just hope another cop isn't shot there in 2021!