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by Peter Moskos

April 1, 2011

Cycle Cops: 1918

Washington, D.C., 1918. "District of Columbia parks -- park policemen."

From Shorpy.

Happy Opening Day!


Anonymous said...


Recruit for an incoming academy. Any suggestions where a guy on the job can live in the city? Or should I head to the burbs? And why are the other guys telling me I'll need to watch my garbage a lot?

PCM said...

Which city?

And no, I don't know what "watch your garbage" means.

Anonymous said...

Which city? Baltimore.

Gotti Rules said...

Hey Anonymous,
I would definitely live in the burbs and not the city. Baltimore County is not a bad place to find an apartment that is close to the city. Lots of rental places give police discounts.

PCM said...

And I'll always live in the city. But that's just me.

Anonymous said...

Where would you suggest in Baltimore city? I'm from a large city, the sticks bore me.

PCM said...

I'd live anywhere on Eastern Ave up to the 5000 block (895 freeway), when things get a bit suburban. I lived on the 4900 block in Greektown and I would do so again. Highlandtown before the underpass is probably better, just because it's a bit closer in.

Fells Point is one of the world's great neighborhoods (except on weekend nights), but on a cop's salary you probably can't afford it.

But there are other good neighborhoods, too. Just look at the Baltimore Sun interactive homicide chart and stay away from anywhere with dots! Living near a market like Broadway or Cross St. is a big plus.

Mara VG said...

They should bring this style back in NYC. I think wearing this and not having a gun will bring the NYPD's terror tactics against anything that moves down a notch or two.