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by Peter Moskos

April 28, 2011

Flogging Momentum

My piece in the Chronicle of Higher Education seemed to make a splash. There's also a piece out in the Washington Monthly (not yet available online... but why not subscribe?). I haven't seen it yet. I mean, I've seen it. I wrote it.... But I haven't seen it in print.

Most people seem to be responding to the book correctly: with thoughtful discussion. That's a great sign! Also a good sign is the I went up the Amazon sales rank today, which isn't bad for a book that isn't out yet. On the subject, my editor at Basic Books said she was holding a copy of the real deal in her hands. So it is starting to come off the presses.

It almost seems as if if flogging has already gotten more press than Cop in the Hood ever got. That's good, but also a bit bittersweet.


IrishPirate said...

Well Pedro, you've reached the internet big time.


The first link in their essays and opinion column is


Arts and Letters Daily is like long form Drudge, except for people who don't have room temperature IQ's and believe that the President was actually born in Hawaii.

I also subscribe to Washington Monthly and the magazine is sitting on my floor waiting to be read.

I feel very pretentious right now.

PCM said...

Should I be worried when my room temperature is 67?

And I'm impressed you subscribe to the Washington Monthly. I can't even figure out where to buy it in the podunk town (New York).

Anonymous said...

Congrats Peter. Also, I was very happy to see that you will be guest blogging on The Agitator next week. Cop in the Hood and The Agitator are basically the only blogs I check out regularly. The prospect of you and Balko collaborating would be very exciting for those of us who advocate for radical reform in the criminal justice system. I will be checking out your material on The Agitator, and I hope the week goes well for you.

Dave H- IL

PCM said...

Now if only I could think of something to say...

Regardless, it will be exciting to reach a much wider audience. I get about 200 visitors a day. Balko gets more than 20,000.

Wayward4now said...

Hey! This is a good day! Now you have the "formerly incarcerated" reading you! Congrats! :) Ric