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by Peter Moskos

May 27, 2011

Call me old-fashioned...

...But something always bothers me when police break down your door and kill you. Doesn't seem necessary.


The tactics here are terrible. Why are they standing in front of the door? I wouldn't answer a call for a lost lolcat without standing off to the side. In fact, even today, 10 years later, I still do.

And what's with that last extra shot? "Pop." Did he flinch?

I've also read that they didn't let paramedics in for a while because the scene wasn't secure. The whole point of entries like this is to make the scene secure. Or is it just to play with toys.

I have no idea what kind of guy the dead guy was. And to some extend I don't care. If was so potentially dangerous, why wasn't it no-knock raid? And if it wasn't, why not ring the doorbell? As the old joke goes, "It can't hurt."

When the man inside his own home was shot by police officers who busted down his door, the home owner (OK, maybe he was a renter) was holding a gun. The safety was on. Now I'm not a fan of guns, but if I still had one and somebody busted down my door, damn right I would be carrying it. And my gun didn't have a safety.

Further update: This is from The Agitator:
This isn’t like watching video of a car accident or a natural disaster. This doesn’t have to happen. You’re watching something your government does to your fellow citizens about 150 times per day in this country. If this very literal “drug war” insanity is going to continue to be waged in our name, we ought to make goddamned sure everyone knows exactly what it entails. And this is what it entails. Cops dressed like soldiers breaking into private homes, tossing concussion grenades, training their guns on nonviolent citizens, and slaughtering dogs as a matter of procedure.
The action starts at around 6 minutes into the video.

And please keep in mind, it's not like we're suddenly winning the war on drugs because of these tactics.

1 comment:

seannyboy said...

The Glock pistol actually has 3 safeties, but none of them are external, like the selector on an AR-style rifle.