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by Peter Moskos

May 3, 2011

Police Officer Answers Calls, Settles a Few Disputes, Does Paperwork, Returns Home to Watch TV

OK, this isn't a real post. I just always wanted to see this printed in The Agitator. Ha!

[--Peter Moskos]

1 comment:

College Cop said...

ROFL, nicely done, oh you're in for it now from the 99%-of-cops-make-the-rest-look-bad crowd that post there.

You incidentally pointed out my main beef with the blog and it's commenters (and to a certain point, it's owner), some of them would literally rather die than admit the cops are actually human and most of us aren't evil authoritarian/fascist swine.

The irrational prejudice and cop hate really drowns out any kind of discussion I'd have there, so more power to you when you actually post something having to do with law enforcement. Prejudiced people just aren't rational. It's one thing to point out the more egregious examples of misuse of power (hopefully in context, this is a HUGE country with 800k plus cops), but as far as cops are concerned, that's ALL you ever see over there.

Good luck brother Moskos.