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by Peter Moskos

June 23, 2011

Man Robs Bank of $1 and Waits for Police...

In an attempt to get health care. What a country!

I am curious to see how this will play out. He probably won't be sentenced to the three years he wants. Will he then commit more crime?

And he might disappointed about the quality of health care in prison. But it is better than nothing.


Anonymous said...

Pro tip: don't go for dental care. I knew a prison dentist and he was only allowed to give aspirins to guys with dental problems (until they could actually be seen by him.)

BG said...

Shouldn't he qualify for a high risk pool? If so, why didn't he sign up for it?

Anonymous said...

I suspect the far right will respond to this story by saying that prisons should not provide health care.

PCM said...


Luckily the Supreme Court sees health care as a basic human right... at least for prisoners who have no choice.

Too bad the rest of American society strangely does not see it the same way.