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by Peter Moskos

July 15, 2011

Ways to Fix Prison

USA Today has five ways to fix our prison system. I have a sixth.


A Critic said...

About flogging - if we grant the state the power to inflict physical pain as punishment, then torture of all varieties shall soon be upon us. It's going to happen soon enough any way though - the barbarians we call the American public and their masters we call politicians are just itching for blood.

Premeditated assault and battery are crimes.

PCM said...

That state *executes*, for crying out loud. All I'm advocating for is non-lethal punishment.

How about this, let's guarantee that whatever punishment we administer isn't *worse* than flogging. Would you support that? I assume you would.

But how do we determine what punishment is worse than flogging?

Put the flogging option on the table and let the criminals choose. And when nobody (or very few people) chooses flogging, then we know we have a humane system of justice.

Until then, it's a good choice to offer.