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by Peter Moskos

September 28, 2011

Bad Day at the Office

Come on, walking up to somebody you've penned up (for not moving?!), macing them, and walking away? Of course it's indefensible. And it's not fair to the officers trying to deal with the situation... the officers who were dealing with the situation, acting professionally in a stressful situation.

This guy had a very bad day at the office. But if that's the worst thing he's done in 30 years, it doesn't mean he should lose his job. Nobody died. Still, a little contrition, an apology, and a departmental reprimand are indeed in order! Maybe he should think about retiring; perhaps policing has changed a little faster than he's been able to keep up with.

I also find it funny that "blocking traffic" (except when it's done by the police) is somehow such a horrible offense and justification. It's not like traffic flows that well anyway. Causing a traffic jam? Not good. But so what? Traffic jams happens. Certainly in Manhattan. If it mattered so much, we should ban the president from visiting, police funerals, and the entire United Nations general assembly.

But what do I know? I'm thousands of miles away, in England, closer to deer and pheasants than protesters.


Anonymous said...

Right, why should he be fired, or punished, for doing something that could land a non-cop an assault charge?

PCM said...

Because the man had given decades to serving the city in the NYPD. Call me a softy, but that means something to me.

I think he should be punished. He did wrong.

Anonymous said...

Do we know that about that guy? It might have been decades of "service" that included gratuitous pepper spraying that went unknown in the time before video.
Rough evidence seems to support more incidents of abuse from longer server NYPD in this case. Example/

Anonymous said...

Here's the latest video of "police brutality" that they're showing on the news.


To me the officers' actions on the scene were completely justifiable, especially when you see this video


What do you think?

PCM said...

I'm actually not anti-protester. But police are allowed to use force within the law. And that's what I see. There's also the mundane matter of self-defense.

Police have a line. And the mob is not allowed to overrun it.

"The whole world is watching"? Look at all the people police didn't hit. I've yet to see any similarity with 1968 Chicago. (it was 1968, right?)

I also like seeing all the "white shirts" actually work for a living... but that's just the blue-collar flatfoot in me!

Seriously, though, it's good to see the brass out there on the front line rather than putting low-level cops out there, and then throwing them under the bus to take the blame.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you completely.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, some asshole posted the officer's person info online. This includes his phone number, address, and names of relatives. Disgusting

Anonymous said...

I am referring to the officer involved in latest baton incident.

I am aware that the deputy inspector involved in the pepper spray incident already had his personal info released.