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by Peter Moskos

April 27, 2012

Dutch Regulate Marijuana

In a stupid way, mind you. But what I love is that if the Dutch want to regulate drugs, they can! Our illegal drugs are unregulated.

What's ironic is that this isn't actually about drugs. It's much more about traffic and parking.

Also, don't count the kips (chickens) before they hatch. I'd be shocked if this comes into effect throughout the nation and in Amsterdam.


Anonymous said...

Its not about drugs. Its about crime and livability. Legalization sounds like a good idea until you have to deal with the associated problems like crime and addict tourism...

PCM said...

Indeed it is. Prohibition sounds like a great idea until you have to deal with junkies and associated problems like shooting and blight.

Look, this all about rural folks bitching about traffic and parking. That's their right. But it's an idiot reason to set national drug policy.

Anonymous said...

What crime? In a legal market crime is reduced...ask the Dutch, ask the Portugeze, etc. There is no such thig as " addict tourists ", as cannabis is not addictive physically whatsoever.Prohibitionists love to make sweeping statements with no basis in fact, but the truth is that by setting up a legal means to get weed, we save billions of dollars in costs for cops and courts, etc. and isolate the hard drugs from people who just want to smoke some weed. caging adults for using an innouous herb is insane, as is most drug policy..the drug war is lost..the people are waking up to the lies spewed forth by the people who make money from prohibition. Fewer youth use cannabis in Holland than in the USA...all the facts support getting the cops back to insuring safety and not caging harmless citizens who want to use an herb.