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by Peter Moskos

January 26, 2014

Real community policing

The National Police Week 5K Run is coming up and hell no I won't be running.

But a friend of mine is and looking for a running partner. She posted this on facebook. I think it's sweet and serves as a good reminder as to how good police can be when they're not sitting alone in a car, in an empty parking lot, waiting for the next idiot citizen to call 911. She's not police:
This race is to honor law enforcement officers killed in line of duty. Last year they struggled to reach the donation goal. It was sad. Why do I care? In my hometown, police officers assigned to a 'police box' were vital members of the community. I can still call the police box in my neighborhood to ask officers to check on my mom. OK, it's in Japan, but my respect and trust for law enforcement officers are universal.

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