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by Peter Moskos

April 7, 2014

Ghetto Culture, Hockey Fights, or Stuff White People Like

This may be the best argument for a residency requirement I've ever seen.

You know what "ghetto" is? When two groups who are oh-so similar -- really with everything in common, objectively, and perhaps a bit misunderstood by society -- forgot their brotherhood and trade blows with each other because of some perceived slight.

Or maybe it's just in "their" nature to like a good scrap. And the spectators in said ghetto? Brother, sisters, wives, baby's mommas and the like? They cheer on the fighters because they're, I don't know, "animals."

This was in Nassau County, but I haven't seen such a good brawl since I was on 700 N. Port. Or the 1700 block of Crystal.

Look, I love a hockey fight as much as the next guy. But this embarrassment was at a f*cking-charity-hockey-game! I only point this out because if this event were a basketball game with black folk fighting, countless people and The Blaze would be filled with racist comments about "their" culture.

Idiots do in fact come in all races. But this hits home because I actually live on Long Island (geographically, at least) and these guys police my city.

Oh well, fools fighting does make a great spectator sport! Too bad my taxes pay for their dental plan.

Hell, the Finest and Bravest haven't had such a good slug-fest since they were on the pile of the WTC together after Set 11th.


Jay Livingston said...

The NCAA tournament has brought as a few incidents where "those people" rioted after their team had lost or won. Whether in Lexington, Tucson, Storrs, or elsewhere, they gave pretty clear evidence of the violence that lies at the heart of their culture.

PCM said...

Frat culture is the root of much evil.

Anonymous said...


You're completely off the mark with your Stuff White People Like ( SWPL) reference. That blog written by a Canadian from Toronto was a satire of a certain kind of urban middle/upper middle class liberal artsy type of white person, and they hate fighting in hockey.
The type of white person in that NYPD-NYFD brawl would be described as the "Wrong Kind of White person". They are working or lower middle class. If they they went to university, they usually didn't get a liberal arts degree. The "Wrong Kind of White Person" hase the wrong values and tastes, and they love fighting in hockey. Rob Ford is an example of the Wrong Kind of White Person" and the SWPL in Toronto hate him.

Every year here in Canada the debate over fighting in hockey surfaces. It's a manifestation of the Canadian culture war like gun control or prayer in school in the States. Support for fighting in hockey splits along class and cultural lines.

SWPL don't become cops. That's a job for the "Wrong Kind of White Person". SWPL are too anti-authoritarian, but that doesn't stop them from becoming lawyers, judges, civil servants, politicians, school administrators, university administrators etc... I don't know why.

From Canada aka (Ed)

PCM said...

Actually, I was so effing clever I was also both honoring and mocking Stuff White People Like cause I know a hockey fight wouldn't make their list.... That said, white people, myself included, do like hockey.