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by Peter Moskos

May 25, 2014

Guns don't kill people...

...people with guns who can't get laid kill people.

Can somebody tell me why we won't discuss legal prostitution in this country?

"The gunman is believed to be Elliot Rodger, 22, who in a YouTube video said he was sexually frustrated and about to go on “a mission of retribution.”"

"In several Rodger referred to himself as an incel (involuntary celibate)"


Mordanicus PPM said...

Legal prostitution would be indeed a lesser evil. Gun control and regulated legal prostitution seems to be rational...

Anonymous said...


Do you really believe if this guy had gone to a legal prostitute this wouldn't have happened?

What would have stopped him from going to an illicit one? He had money.

Pragmatic Liberaltarian said...

Guy willing to kill multiple strangers and himself, but deterred from visiting a prostitute by it being a criminal misdemeanor? I'm skeptical to say the least.

PCM said...

Yes, I do believe had he gotten laid every now and then, and legal prostitution would have facilitated that, this might now have happened. Of course I can't be certain. But I do believe that involuntary celibacy -- be it in prison or free society -- is the cause of way too much male aggression. And prostitution is one easy way to mitigate this.

Who can say if this guy saw illegal prostitutes or would have seen legal ones? Legal prostitution makes it more available and mainstream. So the odds are higher he might have gotten laid if prostitution were not a crime.

Legal prostitution reduces the harms both the society and to the women involved in prostitution. So I find it odd how puritan Americans are, and that changing our absurd vice laws isn't even on the table.

Collegecop said...

Legal Prostitution is not cure for mental illness. The person in question here comes from an affluent background, there was nothing preventing him from jumping on a plane to Nevada or Amsterdam if he want to "get him some".

I'm not mental health professional but I've seen enough people like that to know that they externalize and make excuses because the need a reason to hate. T

his was a troubled young man who had every opportunity in life (including a dad who took him to places where he met lots of celebrities, people who aren't known to be saints lol) and things still didn't happen for him.

If i could get laid when i was 22 and broke, not driving a BMW and wearing designer clothes, anyone can, and he could have too.

PCM said...

I don't think it's a cure for mental illness. I think it may lessen the anger that in some cases goes along with it.

Len Neal said...

I'm weighing in with this, because it is in my personal experience with my brother. I had to make some very difficult decisions about it.


I don't really like you, and disagree with a lot of your ideas. But I do respect you. So. The above link is real. Do what you want to with it.

doggercise said...

The guy was pretty crazy. Odds are he'd be just as crazy no matter how much he got laid. His homocidal tendencies may not have manifested in this particular tantrum, but probably in some other way eventually.

PCM said...

Interesting link, Len. Thanks.

PCM said...


Odds are... sure. But maybe not.

Maybe legal prostitution wouldn't reduce mass shootings. But maybe it would it would prevent one or two.

I mean you can't argue with crazy, but he did blame not being able to get laid for his problems.

Now if only we could figure out a solution for people who can't get laid...

What I find crazy is everybody assumes that it's perfectly normal to have a system where A) most single people get laid every now and then, B) most married people get laid every now and then, C) rich people can hire expensive call girls, D) crack heads can get a nasty blow job for $5,

and E) we think it's perfectly normal to every one else -- prisoners, unmarried women in conservative circles, catholic priests, and involuntary celibates -- to go without sexual relations for decades.

I mean most countries have a red-light districts where a drunk guy can get laid. It doesn't require pre-planning. There's no credit card trail. You don't have to worry about getting arrested.

We had this system. And it worked just fine until the progressives (and puritans) pushed it all underground.

Conservatives love cracking down on pleasure (no fruit cup for anybody) while liberals see prostitution as inherently demeaning and inevitably tied to child sex trafficking.

Instead we waste police resources cracking down on so-called "vice" crime between consensual adults. Cops get corrupted.

Prostitution is a job. Sure it's a shitty job. But a lot of jobs are shitty. Far be it from me to tell an adult, for her own good, that she can't make some money by selling her body for cash.

Anonymous said...

This guy better had been crazy.

If mass murder becomes an outlet for sexually frustrated young men, there's going to be a lot of trouble.

Anonymous said...

As you mentioned, cops aren't "shrinks."