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by Peter Moskos

July 19, 2014

The sound of the drug war slowly crumbling...

...now includes police chiefs saying we should decriminalize small amounts of marijuana. It's not that bold of a statement, but it is coming from an active chief of police!

From Mlive:
[Petersburg, Virginia, Police Chief John] Dixon said drug use and addiction ought to be addressed by public health officials, not police. He said that police often view drug arrests as signs of success, and as a way to help the user.

“Why do I have to lock you up for that? What benefit am I giving you, then? We have to get out of the business. That should be the focus of the medical field.”

The war on drugs has affected minority communities the most, he said.

“It’s insanity. We know. The results haven’t changed.”


Anonymous said...

when stoned drivers are shown to cause thousands of accidents yearly, perhaps your opinion will differ

PCM said...

You're a fool. Traffic deaths are down this year in states that legalized weed.
But that probably doesn't matter to you. Cause you hate liberals more than you like facts. (Just guessing but I bet I'm right)