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by Peter Moskos

August 27, 2014

Bad cops

OK, my cop friends: please tell me what I'm missing here or how any of this (from February) is defensible. It's so rare I can watch a video and not understand or at least empathize with the police.

These Bloomfield, New Jersey cops are going to end up in jail right? And is the salary range really $57K starting up to $100,000. 

Here's an update from July. I don't know the latest.


Jay Livingston said...

The cops yell, "Stop resisting," and "Why are you trying to take my fucking gun?" Are they deliberately playing to the dashcam?

PCM said...

I would seem like that, but then it's a dash *cam*... not a dash *mic*.

I'm really baffled and honestly somewhat shocked.

Is this typical small town NJ bullshit? I cannot imagine cops in Baltimore, even the more physical ones, doing this.

It's really rare to see a case in which somebody does *nothing* to provoke and have this happen. My only thought it maybe there was a long dangerous chase before this moment?

Gotti Rules said...

Hey Pete,
I hate to Monday Morning quarterback and I am definitely "Pro-police." However, this video looks bad! It looks like these cops will be going to jail.

Andrew Moskos said...

Saying "stop grabbing my gun" when it's not true should be a very serious offense. I'm willing to let all ties go to the cops, but that should be recorded as a very serious accusation.

If evidence shows that is not true, then that should be a crime like tampering with evidence or framing an innocent person.