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by Peter Moskos

August 13, 2014

Is the silence deafening?

That's because I'm out of town, in New Mexico ("not really new and not really Mexico"), and only have my phone to type on.

I'll be back home and posting in about two weeks.


Mordanicus PPM said...

New Mexico used to be a part of Mexico.

PCM said...

Barely. New Mexico used to be a part of Spain.

Drew Bairnsfather said...

Head to Lamy where I'm not even sure they have a jail. No traffic light or stores. But they have a train stop. :-)

I hope the tumbleweeds, and other pollen heavy plants aren't driving you crazy.

But head back up from Madrid towards Santa Fe and you can pass a bunch of incarceration centers. Not too far from where I used to live.

PCM said...

We took the riot prison tour of the old NM State Penn. Such is what I do on vacation. My wife actually writes the Moon guidebook to New Mexico. I just tag along for the fun parts. And eat lots of green chili.
I left today and am in San Francisco for a week or so.

Drew Bairnsfather said...

I meant to ask red or green. :-)

The post card view prison(s) are practically impossible to miss in the land where many of the Stop signs are grossly excessive in terms of necessitating always coming to a complete stop.

Which of course brings to mind the poor fellow who was, most likely, pulled over at one such Stop sign, then accused of hiding drugs in a manner similar to characters in Papillon.

I think there is a clear need for something between a "STOP" and "YEILD." :-)

Please drink lots of water! :-)

And don't buy too many allergy tablets to conquer that pollen.

Be sure to check out Matthew Andrea at the Inn at Loretto! (Evenings in the back of the lobby playing guitar.)

Drew Bairnsfather said...

I think there is a clear need for something between a "STOP" and "YEILD." :-)

It went without saying that LEGALIZE DRUGS is the first and foremost action to take. :-)

(But I just wanted to include it here for future Internet visitors. :-) http://leap.cc

PCM said...