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by Peter Moskos

October 18, 2014

If crime doesn't pay, why is it so expensive?

And in case you were wondering, the cost of housing a prisoner in jail on NYC's Rikers Island is now officially $100,000 per year! You get what you pay for, they say. $1.1 billion dollars. 42 percent higher than seven years ago. "During the same period, there was a 124 percent increase in assaults on the staff by inmates at city jails, and triple the number of allegations of use of physical force by guards." Mazel Tov.


Anonymous said...

Crime pays because it is an irrational fear trumped up by politicians and stoked by police and correctional officers who have relatively high paying (and safe!) jobs for the skills required and the quality of person that is employed. We, the people, get what we deserve.

PCM said...

Actually, a C.O. is not a particularly safe job.

And there are about 15,000 (thousand!) homicides in the US each year. I guess each died of irrational fear.

PCM said...

Or maybe those 15,000 Americans -- a rate of homicide which is shameful for any civilized nation -- were killed by the criminal industrial complex as part of a conspiracy to provide jobs for police officers, court workers, and prison guards? Maybe I'm missing your point.

Kyle said...

I'm guessing he was referring to things like marijuana and terrorism. Just a guess, though.