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by Peter Moskos

November 9, 2014

So I'm on the subway...

I'm on the subway looking at the ads and all their poorly photo-shopped clip-art.

It kind of cracks me up. The Office Technology worker on the right? Looking very professional (nice window view, too). The Emergency Care Management guy? He's got a medical bag and a smile. No problem there.

So what does a "Homeland Security & Security Management" dude do? Apparently, walk in front of cabs and talk on his bluetooth earpiece. Hardcore, man. Hard effing' core. Important business. National security at stake.

1 comment:

Andrew C. Bairnsfather said...

It used to be that Homeland Security meant planting hemp for victory! Or just planting as much food crops as you could. Even helping out one's neighbor in times of distress.

"Believe in Yourself" office technology & medical office worker, you can organize, do math, and believe in those you serve.

"Believe in Yourself" emergency care management worker, you can bring comfort, trauma care, pain relief, and healing to those you serve.

"Believe in Yourself" Homeland Security worker, but don't believe in all the citizens around you, they're probably up to something and doing something wrong right now so violate the Constitution and think of them all guilty until you can spy on them enough to prove them innocent…for now…because they'll surely be breaking a law sometime sooner or later.

p.s. I hope everyone who works in HS has a sense of humor. :-) But I've read enough articles to know that's not the case. :-(

Also, Peter, all the other photos of homeland security at work which are on social media, definitely have a medical angle to them as they perform close bodily examinations touching privates (and I don't mean that in a military hierarchy sort of way).

My last few times at the doctor involved less touching, genital inspection, and looking under my garments than going through the airports.