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by Peter Moskos

January 14, 2015

Bringing a gun to a gun fight

It does seem pretty stupid to rob a gun store. But it also calls into question the deterrent effect of guns. A good man with a gun was not enough to stop four bad people with guns. There was a gunfight. The store owner was killed. His wife believes her life was saved because of his gun. I wonder.


campbell said...

But it also calls into question the deterrent effect of guns.

I don't know, around here the 7-11 is far and away a more dangerous place to work than the gun store. Four on one though, not good odds.

Gun still works pretty well against a dude with a snow shovel though.


Moskos said...

And people are actually protesting that shooting?! That's insane.

CollegeCop said...

But it also calls into question the deterrent effect of guns.

No it does not, how many gun stores get robbed compared to similarly situated non-gun establishments of the same size. You'd have to know that before drawing any kind of conclusion.

There are 52,000 guns stores like the one that got robbed in the United States, how many of them have you read about that have been robbed? As far as I can tell Burglary is a bigger concern than robbery.

Noumenon said...

When deterrence fails, it usually fails hard.

Security requires more violence than robbery because when you’re a robber you’re can make credible threats that actually prevent violence (“don’t move or I’ll shoot!”), and so you can avoid actually killing people. When you’re on the security side, once someone has decided to rob you they have already decided that the level of violence you are implicitly threatening is not enough to stop them, and so you have to use more violence than they were expecting to stop them. (from a review of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid)

So he may have successfully deterred all groups of one, two, or three robbers, but if anyone got to four, he was screwed.

Unknown said...

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