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by Peter Moskos

July 19, 2015

Cue happy riot montage scene!

Apparently -- and I didn't know this -- Baltimore is actually a role model for other cities in how to control civil unrest.

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake didn't exactly jump the shark right here. She jumped the shark a long time ago. But this is becoming insane. She actual said this:
And while you say it's under negative scrutiny, when I go around the country and I look at the fact that other cities have burnt for weeks -- Baltimore itself burnt for weeks during the riots of 1968 -- we were able to control the unrest and riots to a few hours on one day. There are a lot of cities right now that would love to have that record.
And just which cities are those, Ms. Mayor? Madam Mayor is perhaps crazy (does she even believe what she says?). She is certainly incompetent. She is also dead wrong.

At the latest, the riots began at 4:44pm on April 27 when the Rite Aid on North Avenue was looted and then set on fire. So, by her logic, everything was basically OK after a few hours. A record a lot of cities would "love to have"! What's a few? Four or five hours? So can we can still catch a late show at the Senator Theater?

The riots were not over by midnight. The city called down in the early morning hours. The riots weren't really even over the next day. The national guard left and the curfew was lifted on May 3rd.

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